About Us

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Welcome to the BT Culinary – your guide to the thrilling world of food, nutrition, and cooking. Established in 2023, our media company is a culinary constellation, bringing together passionate food lovers, health enthusiasts, and cooking aficionados under one roof.

Our mission? To inspire, educate, and create a community that celebrates the universal language of food.

Our Story:

We started as a small team with a big appetite – for both food and knowledge. We wanted to explore the profound connections we share with food – how it can evoke emotions, tell stories, build communities, and impact our health. We wanted to help people embrace the joy of cooking, learn about the nutritional value in their plates, and explore the vibrant tapestry of global cuisine. Thus, BT Culinary was born.

Our Channels:

Vegan Fit Recipes – This vibrant social media platform, available on both Facebook and Instagram, is a haven for vegan enthusiasts. Vegan Fit Recipes offers an array of healthy and delightful vegan recipes, along with meal ideas designed to nourish your body and satisfy your palate. Explore the flavorsome world of plant-based cuisine and embrace the vegan lifestyle.

The Backyard Chef – Calling all BBQ and outdoor cooking lovers! The Backyard Chef, a dedicated social media channel on Facebook and Instagram, is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of grilling. From traditional BBQ favorites to innovative grill creations, join our community and transform your backyard cooking experiences.

Low Carb Recipes And Advice – Navigate the world of low carb and Keto diet with our supportive Facebook community. This group offers an extensive collection of low carb and Keto-friendly recipes, along with expert advice to help you stay on track. Connect, learn, and share in an environment that supports your dietary choices and health goals.

Fresh Foodie Finds – Our food and recipe blog is a treasure trove of tantalizing home cooking recipes. Fresh Foodie Finds is dedicated to bringing you the best of home-cooked meals, with recipes that celebrate the joy of cooking and eating. From comforting classics to adventurous new dishes, find your next culinary inspiration with us.